Get on the NYC Bus to Washington D.C. Oppose the MAGA March

Start: Saturday, November 14, 202011:30 AM

Trump and his minions LOST! Now they are planning a "One Million  MAGA March this Saturday in Washington D.C. We must STAND on our victory and not allow them to dominate the public discourse or the public square. They are trying to steal the elections by sewing confusing about the election results & to intimidate people.

Get on the NYC bus to Washington D.C to join the non-violent counter protests beginning at 11:30am in Freedom Plaza.

Buses will leave early Saturday morning at 4am to arrive & coming back Saturday evening.

Due to social distancing precautions, the cost of the bus is about $100 a head round trip. Tickets are $60. We are asking people to pay what they can and pay a little extra if you are able to help  cover the cost of the bus.

You can reserve your seat by making your donation via Venmo at Refuse-Fascism or & earmarking your donation "NYC Bus Ticket"

To help pay for the cost of somebody is low income, say "NYC Bus donation"

In The Name Of Humanity, We Refuse To Accept A Fascist America!

Trump/Pence Out NOW!

We are calling nationwide protests this Saturday to refuse to accept a fascist America, demanding Trump/Pence Out Now!  Saturday November 14 Freedom Plaza 11:30 am 14th Street side.

In DC, the Trump MAGA fascist groups are marching the same day.
They are gathering at Freedom Plaza at 12:00 pm.

We can't let their voice be the only one reverberating out of DC! We need to be in the public square, rejecting the Trump regime's attempts to steal the election and carry out their fascist clampdown.

Our strength is our numbers and diversity and love for humanity - in mass, NONVIOLENT protest. That is what we will do on Saturday.  We will not be engaging the fascists, but we will not let them be the only voice coming out of DC.

Saturday November 14 Freedom Plaza 11:30 am 14th Street side.
We will have a big beautiful banner that says TRUMP/PENCE OUT NOW!

You have joined a #TrumpPenceOutNOW event as part of sustained, mass, non-violent protest with the aim of removing the fascist Trump/Pence regime from office. Please help spread the word and invite your friends to attend.

More information on the Out NOW campaign at, or follow @RefuseFascism.

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