Manchester & NW Trade Unions & Workers on the Manchester COP26 Global Day of Action Demonstration

Start: Saturday, November 06, 202111:30 AM

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What: Trade unionists and workers from across Manchester and the Northwest are invited to march with the trade union bloc on the Manchester COP26 Global Day of Action Demonstration for Climate Justice. Bring your union flags, banners, balloons etc. Bring your marching band. Bring t-shirts that say what job you do. It's vital we show that the working majority are demanding climate justice and a worker-led just transition off of fossil fuels.    

When: Saturday 6 November at 11.30am, marching to join the start of the main demonstration at 12pm

Where: Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester, M60 1AY. Look for the "Workers of the world unite! #SystemChangeNotClimateChange" banner.

How to get involved: Visit to get guides, flyers and a model motion, to sign your branch up to support and to find out more.

See you there!

"Workers make the world turn. We deserve good jobs and a liveable future!"

This November, world leaders will gather in Glasgow for the COP26 global climate summit to plan our future.

Working people here and around the world are paying the price for the climate emergency despite doing the least to cause it, and we face being left behind as our society and economy changes to adapt.

We need to put workers concerns front and centre in the fight for climate justice, by demanding a worker-led transition to a climate friendly economy in every sector and across society.

Join us as we stand alongside trade unions and workers across Britain and around the world to demand climate justice and a fast, fair and worker-led just transition off fossil fuels.