#SOSAmerica2019 DC Kickoff

Start: Wednesday, August 21, 2019 5:30 PM



On Wednesday, August 21st, SOSAmerica2019 will launch its first official event in Washington, DC. We will gather in Lafayette Square Park (16th St. NW & H St. NW) at 5:30 p.m., where we will have a brief speech, followed by a short march to the White House.

As we launch, we will be making one thing very clear:
Our goal is sustained, direct actions
that snowball into massive protests.

When we say “sustained, direct actions”, we are looking to the examples of Puerto Rico, Hong Kong, and others. The incredible protesters in these places did not occupy specific spaces for long periods of time. Instead, they turned out in the streets again and again and again, each time in large numbers. After a massive protest they went home, regrouped, chose their next location, and took to the streets again. These large-scale, sustained actions applied continuous pressure on their governments as the people demanded change. In the case of Puerto Rico, these actions have led to the resignation of their governor.

Along with our New York City and DC launch, there will be simultaneous actions in numerous other SOSAmerica cities. Soon, cities across America will be in the streets on a regular basis to demand that:

  1. the criminal president of the United States and his administration step down,
  2. we secure voting in our 2020 election,
  3. we end the dehumanization and mistreatment of immigrants immediately.

Join us on the 21st to make it clear that we, the ordinary people of the United States of America, will no longer tolerate the current state of affairs, and we the people will be taking our grievances into the streets to defend our Democracy.


Visit SOSAmerica2019.com to learn how to join our collective of protesters, progressive activists, and concerned citizens from around the country — and the world! — who believe the time has come to take action.

NOTE: SOSAmerica2019 is committed to non-violent, non-destructive, peaceful protests.
If you do not agree with our values, we ask that you do not attend any of our events.

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