Defund Line 3 Pipeline: Protest Next Monday in Smithfield, RI

Start: Monday, June 28, 202111:30 AM

Here in Rhode Island, join us as we protest against Chase Bank's funding of the Line 3 pipeline, its builder Enbridge, and also against Chase's massive funding of fossil fuels across the world:

Next Monday June 28, 2021

11:30 am at Chase Bank, 438 Putnam Pike (Rt. 44)

Last week in northern Minnesota, 2,000 protesters from around the country arrived at the invitation of the Anishinaabe people for their Treaty Peoples Gathering. We gathered and then we shut down Line 3 pipeline builder Enbridge which cost them $6 million and sent a message that the fight against Line 3 is far from over.

This is just part of a summer of protest against Line 3, Enbridge, and the banks which enable Enbridge to build pipelines such as Chase Bank, Bank of America, and TD Bank-  are very high on the list.

Line 3 is being built directly on Native American treaty Lands, Waters, and Air and the Anishinaabe tribe has been fighting Enbridge for years, both in court and on the ground at the construction sites. 250 people, mostly Native Americans, were arrested in the months leading up to the last week's Treaty Peoples Gathering, and then another 200 people were arrested last Monday after shutting down Enbridge's electrical pumping station.

If completed, Line 3 will double its delivery of filthy tar sands oil into the United States, have the equivalent environmental impact as building 50 coal-fired power plants! It will lock us into decades more of the fossil fuels which are melting the ice caps and ice sheets, causing sea level rise and superstorms which will turn hundreds of millions of mostly poor people into homeless climate refugees (it's happening now), causing the mass extinction of countless animals and plants, and much more.

It's getting late in the climate catastrophe.


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