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On March 9, 2021, 40-year old Evan Seyfried took his own life after workplace bullying and mobbing. He was a 20-year exemplary employee at Kroger, one of the largest grocers in the US.

According to The Washington Post, in a "wrongful death" lawsuit, Evan's family alleges his death resulted from a six-month harassment campaign by two co-workers at the Milford, Ohio, location:

  • A supervisor allegedly harassed him for wearing a face mask during COVID and made fun of him for his political beliefs, calling him "antifa."
  • Evan reported several unwanted sexual advances toward him, which resulted in no response from management after he reported them.
  • The supervisor allegedly left holes in his department schedule, making extra work for him.
  • After hearing reports from neighbors, Evan believed co-workers who his supervisors pitted against him followed him home and waited on the street for long periods of time.
  • Evan allegedly received threats, including a supervisor allegedly telling him he could track his Internet usage.
  • Evan's repeated reports to both management and the union resulted in no meaningful action. In fact, Kroger denied a transfer to another store.
  • After Evan helped two female employees file sexual harassment complaints against a supervisor, he received texts with child pornography.
  • Co-workers allegedly replaced old milk on his shelves on the day of an audit.
  • Supervisors wrote Evan up nine times despite never before receiving a reprimand in this nearly two-decade career. He feared he would be fired.

Fearing for his safety, Evan moved in with his parents. Before quitting, Evan worried about the audit, his phone monitoring, and the plan to frame him for possessing child pornography.

The lawsuit:
The Washington Post article:

We want justice for Evan Seyfried, his family, his friends, and his co-workers on the 1st anniversary of his death from workplace bullying and mobbing.

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