Dump DeJoy To Protect the Vote Rally

Start: Wednesday, January 12, 2022 2:00 PM

Come out to the Postal Headquarters on Wednesday, January 12th at 2 PM and tell the Postal Board of Governors (PBOG) to remove corrupt Postmaster Louis DeJoy and stop his disastrous 10- Year Plan that is slowing the mail and cutting post office hours. Tell them to postpone choosing new leadership positions until Congress approves Biden's two new appointees. They need to hear this message loud and clear since they completely cut out the public comment at the last-minute PBOG meeting scheduled for 4PM that day.

Our voting rights hinge on having a reliable and affordable postal service. During the 2020 presidential election, 46% of Americans voted by mail or with an absentee ballot. Slowing down the mail and closing post offices compromises our entire country's ability to run free and fair elections. Implementation of the 10-Year Plan would also harm millions of Americans who receive medications by mail and cut union jobs. These cuts will especially disadvantage rural residents, veterans, seniors, small businesses, people of color, and those living with disabilities.

The deliberate degradation and dismantlement of the USPS needs to stop! We are calling on the PBOG to:

-Dump DeJoy to protect the vote

-Stop the implementation 10-Year Plan and restore delivery standards

-Stop the rush election for the new PBOG chair

-No Privatization of the postal service

Please bring your own creative posters and banners to the rally. After the rally, anyone interested is welcome to come inside and display them during the PBOG meeting. Since we're still in a pandemic, it's very important for everyone to wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

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