Emergency response meeting: What we're doing if Trump withdraws from the Paris Agreement

Start: May 07, 2017 5:00 PM

Donald Trump is signaling he is going to pull out of the Paris Treaty next week.

After the march last week, we are going to up the ante and organize a hard hitting direct action on the administration next week. We're in the planning stages right now, and want you involved — so this Sunday at 5pm we're hosting a planning meeting to outline the action.

The Peoples Climate March was a beautiful day — but marching isn't enough. We need to keep organizing, building, and showing our power.

Together – and only together – we can chart another path for the United States: away from Trump’s agenda for a cruel, polluted and divided country, and towards a clean energy economy that works for everyone.

The Peoples Climate March was a huge step in the right direction — join us on Sunday as we take the next one.