End Vaccine Apartheid Teach-in

Start: 2021-07-06 18:00:00 UTC Eastern Standard Time (US & Canada) (GMT-05:00)

This is a virtual event

Health GAP, Justice is Global, Sunrise Movement, DSA for Medicare for All, Center for Popular Democracy, and National Nurses United are leading a cross-movement teach-in about the intersection between COVID vaccine and treatment justice + cross cutting movements for collective liberation, such as climate justice, gender justice, economic justice and health justice.

No matter where you live, the COVID crisis has affected every aspect of our lives. While healthy teenagers in wealthy countries have vaccine access, only 0.3% of COVID vaccines have been given to people in low-income countries.. This crisis isn’t an accident--rich countries are hoarding doses at the same time they are obstructing efforts to break through global vaccine supply shortages--all in the name of protecting corporate profits of the pharmaceutical industry. The COVID vaccines would not exist without public funding, so why are companies like Pfizer and Moderna in charge of deciding who gets them?

Deadly COVID vaccine and treatment inequities are fueled by capitalism, imperialism and racism. Dismantling these inequities requires bold action and global solidarity. This is one more example of our unjust global healthcare infrastructure laid bare. Millions of people will be waiting until 2024 or longer to have the opportunity to hug their loved ones, return to work, and return to life without fear of getting sick or dying.

It doesn’t have to be like this. Together, we plan to create a healthy planet where people come first. We have action planned for the summer and fall to build on our momentum. This past May, after months of activism, the Biden administration caved to our pressure to support a vaccine patent waiver. Join us to learn about the path forward to winning a People’s Vaccine over the next 6 months. We can act collectively to break out of the systems that created and are enforcing vaccine inequality.

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