#EndMedicalDebt Day of Action

Start: Wednesday, May 10, 202310:30 AM

End: Wednesday, May 10, 2023 3:00 PM

Join us on Wednesday, May 10 in Albany to demand that legislators take action this session to protect New Yorkers from Medical Debt!

Health care is a human right - yet the U.S. health care system doesn't treat it that way. One of the consequences of our profit-driven system is that many people go into debt and face financial devastation because they needed medical care.

Last year, the New York State Legislature passed two bills to help lift the burden of medical debt and this year, the End Medical Debt Campaign is calling on them to pass two other critical bills: the Ounce of Prevention Act and the Fair Medical Debt Reporting Act.

  • The Ounce of Prevention Act will help to prevent medical debt by making hospital financial assistance more accessible and ensuring that money allocated to hospitals for charity care is used for that purpose.

  • The Fair Medical Debt Reporting Act would protect New Yorkers from medical debt by prohibiting the reporting of medical bills to credit reporting agencies.

More than 170 clergy (and growing) from across New York have signed a letter to the legislature to pass these bills this session. Join clergy, patients, and other people of faith and conscience in Albany on Wednesday, May 10 for a rally and press conference and to meet with legislators.

Following the rally and meetings you're invited to join us for lunch and a discussion of next steps for this campaign and the broader fight for healthcare justice in New York State.