Escalating Resistance: Mass Rebellion Training w/ Lisa Fithian

Start: Thursday, December 12, 2019 7:00 PM

End: Thursday, December 12, 201910:00 PM

Lisa Fithian, one of America’s most experienced direct-action organizers, will be offering a training to hone our strategies and tactics to impact power holders and create social disruption at increasingly larger scales. This organizing requires attention to how we build collective power that heals and liberates us from our socialization in the dominant culture of colonialism and superiority that privileges white, male, and rich people.

This presentation, with participation from attendees, will cover: power mapping of people, economic centers, and geographies to increase impact within strategic terrains, creating calendars of engagement, organizing our people, developing solidarity response networks and how artful "props" can bolster our uprisings.

We hope that community members and changemakers learn from examples of effective people-powered movements for positive change. We will discuss how we can apply this information to current and future campaigns for community-centered approaches to promoting a healthy environment and Climate Justice, crime reduction, and ending institutional racism.

The admission price of $10 is to cover the cost of the space. If $10 is a hardship for any reason whatsoever, free admission will be awarded

Space is limited so acceptance to this event is on a first come first serve basis.

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