European Media Freedom Act: A novel set of rules to protect media pluralism and independence in the EU

Start: Wednesday, May 31, 2023 3:00 PM

Independent media are a public watchdog, and free media are a key pillar of every democracy. They are crucial in forming a public sphere, shaping public opinion and holding those in power to account. The European Media Freedom Act (EMFA) aims to set out the rules to promote pluralism and independence in the European media ecosystem.

The proposed Regulation includes, among others, safeguards against political interference in editorial decisions. It puts a focus on the independence and stable funding of public service media as well as on the transparency of media ownership and of the allocation of state advertising among other measures that should foster a healthy media landscape taking into account the digital transformation.

In order to discuss further what the European Media Freedom Act means and how to strengthen the comprehensive set of rules to protect media enshrined in the proposal, we invite you to a debate hosted by Greens/EFA shadow for the EMFA MEP Diana Riba i Giner

Part I

Introductory Remarks

  • MEP Diana Riba I Giner Greens/EFA Shadow Rapporteur
  • Anna Herold Head of Unit, Audiovisual and Media Policy at European Commission

Part II

Moderator: Carme Colomina

Panel I

On Transparency and Media Concentration

  • Joan Barata , Future of Free Speech Project
  • Elda Brogi Center for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom
  • Mark Dempsey Article 19
  • Q&A and Open Debate

Panel 2

On Editorial Independence, protection of journalists and public mission of media

  • Enric BorrĂ s Deputy Editor in Chief Ara Newspaper and President of the Ramon Barnils Group of Journalists
  • Marton Karpati founder and CEO of Telex Hungary/ EIMP European Independent Media Publishers
  • Renate Schroeder European Federation of Journalists
  • Q&A and Open Debate

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