Families Belong Together Community Cookout

Start: Friday, August 03, 2018 5:00 PM

End: Friday, August 03, 2018 8:00 PM

Thank you for signing up to attend a Families Belong Together Community Cookout!

Trump was moved to change his family separation policy because of our collective public pressure. He lost support from his base on this moral issue. There is an important and untold story about the resistance to Trump’s agenda in small towns and rural communities across the country. A lot of people who live in communities that Trump won in 2016 are people who are standing with migrant families today. We need to get this story out.

Community Cookouts will be a chance to connect with each other, reflect about why family is so important, learn about what we can do collectively to keep families together and free, and take concrete action.

That's why we're trying to get 100 Community Cookouts organized in small towns. You can help. We are asking you to bring together friends, family and neighbors to raise money and help migrant families get out of detention and reunited with their children.

The money raised at Community Cookouts will be used to reunite families. Funds will help families post bond for their release from detention and to pay for travel that will bring families back together.

Your host may be in touch to ask for help with the event. They may need folks to help set up, cook and serve food, and clean up. They may need speakers for the program. Please look out for more from your event host and us as the event gets closer.

You can help right now by inviting more people to join you over email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Note: Everyone participating in this event will be required to follow all applicable laws and to behave lawfully to ensure the safety of event participants. This event will be peaceful, nonviolent and will not involve any violation of law.