Our Institutions Are Killing Us - Rebel for Life 2/7

Start: Friday, February 07, 202011:00 AM


Our Institutions Are Killing Us

What a strange and tragic time we find ourselves in.

Ecosystems are collapsing around us, with up to 90% of species on this planet at risk of extinction(1). Climate breakdown is already killing or displacing those of us on the frontlines, while headed for the rest of us in the coming decades. Without massive action, catastrophe looms over us all. It is a tragic, grief-inducing state.

Meanwhile, the systems around us hum along as if nothing is happening. Banks continue to funnel hundreds of billions of dollars into the perpetrating industries, emissions continue to hit records highs, and governments continue to allow this tragedy to unfold.

Put simply: Our institutions are killing us.

So many of us see the situation, but feel powerless and disconnected. With Extinction Rebellion, we believe only through joining together in mass non-violent civil disobedience, disrupting business as usual en-mass to change consciousness, do we have a chance.

Join us in the streets on February 7th.

In joy, love, and courage, we will demand that our institutions tell the truth by declaring climate and ecological emergency.

And this is just the beginning. We ask you to join us off the streets to build the relationships, community, and regenerative culture needed to change our damaging systems, ensure a just transition, and to weather the coming storm together.

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Details to be released as the date nears.

If you haven't been, please join us at a Non-violent Direct Action Training, we have two upcoming Jan 23 and Feb 1. Also, bring a friend to our Heading for Extinction (And What to Do About It) talk Jan 26.


Extinction Rebellion is a global movement to halt the sixth mass extinction of life on earth and climate collapse.

We promote mass nonviolent civil disobedience, in full public view.

We act from love and courage.

We ask you to join us and our global movement in collective action, to bring about urgently needed change.