Feminism & Faith in Union

Start: Sunday, January 21, 2018 9:45 AM

Feminism & Faith in Union, NYC March Logistics, 01/21/2018

Meet us in Union Square Park, in the heart of Manhattan. We will begin gathering before 10am on the north plaza of the park, on 17th Street. At about 10:15, we will raise our voices in interfaith solidarity, offering prayers, blessings, and songs. At about 10:45am, those interested  will march west along 16th Street and join the Church of St. Francis Xavier community for a special Catholic mass at 11:30am. Those who want to continue celebrating feminism and faith on the North Plaza-- people of all faiths! -- are welcome to continue rallying in Union Square Park until early afternoon.

Do you have a sign from the 2017 Women’s March? Bring it!

Have a drum? Bang it!

A favorite chant? Share it!

Want to make a new sign for this year? RSVP for our sign-making evenings Wednesday, January 17th and Saturday, January 20th at Xavier, TheWomenWhoStayed@gmail.com.   If you are interested in volunteering before or during our march or Mass on January 21, 2018, please contact us at TheWomenWhoStayed@gmail.com.  

Help us make Feminism & Faith in Union a huge success:

·         Order your Feminism & Faith in Union buttons here!

·         Use our hand-held fill-in templates at feminism-faith.org and create your own signs! Take a selfie, and share!

On January 21, 2018, thousands of women, femmes and allies will come together in Las Vegas, Nevada, to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Women’s March and to launch our collective 2018 Women’s March agenda: #PowerToThe Polls.

We in New York City are organizing a Feminism & Faith rally on Sunday, January 21st for the Women's March anniversary weekend.

From the Women’s March to the Women’s Convention, we’ve seen how powerful we are when we gather together, share space and lift each other up. While the official Women's March anniversary event will take place in Nevada, Women’s March Chapters are organizing exciting state-specific anniversary events throughout the anniversary weekend, from marches to legislative actions to community events to voter registration drives.

Together, we will show this administration that women are not backing down.