Start: Thursday, May 25, 201712:00 PM

Donald Trump’s budget calls for hundreds of millions of dollars to be cut from Medicaid. Trumpcare would be a disaster for millions of Americans. And our U.S. Senator Cory Gardner is part of the all-men Republican working group tasked with coming up with the Senate plan to repeal the ACA.

This THURSDAY (May 25), health care-defending Coloradans will gather at Cory Gardner’s Denver office to ask him where they can turn for health care if he votes for the Republican plan to take it away.

Join us to line up, around the block, to demonstrate exactly how many people have the SAME QUESTION.

We will gather at 12 noon at Skyline Park, 17th and Arapahoe, in downtown Denver.  Once we hit enough people, we will form a single-file line around the block, enter the Chase Building on 17th Street, and ask Senator Gardner how we will be able to get our injuries and illnesses fixed with a health care system that fails to meet the needs of tens of millions of Americans.

**Come with your medical equipment, slings, braces, casts, and bandages, along with signs and letters to deliver to Gardner’s office.**
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