Forward Together Rally/Teach In

Start: Monday, January 12, 201510:00 AM

Join Moral Monday Georgia at the State Capitol for the opening legislative session on January 12, 2015. Moral MondayGeorgia's platform and legislative agenda is bold and lifts our values and not our fears. From the very start of this movement, our eyes have been fixed on the long view. Last year we made news; this year we want to make change. Change doesn't come overnight; and one press cycle; one legislative session; or even in one election. If we are going to transform the political landscape in Georgia; we must continue work on a bold, persistent, consistent, disciplined values based agenda of change.

The coming legislative session is likely to be brutal. Our most vulnerable communities will surely face new attacks.
What can you do?
a Moral Monday Team in your community. We have ideals to help connect the dots in your area. Donate to the growing Moral Monday Georgia Movement. Every contribution helps! Join us in Atlanta on January 12, 2015, as we lift our agenda, collective voices and present our demands to the General Assembly.

We must move forward together and not one step back.

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Atlanta, Georgia
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