Freedom From Occupation, Freedom From Violence

Start: 2021-05-19 19:00:00 UTC British Summer Time (GMT+01:00)

This is a virtual event

Last week, over 150 British Jews gathered across the country to call for Freedom from Occupation, Freedom from Violence. Our message resonated – we were overwhelmed by the support we received. Now it’s time to raise our voices even louder.

The situation on the ground has deteriorated further, with at least 200 Palestinians killed in the occupied territories – in Gaza, East Jerusalem and the West Bank – and 10 Israelis. In addition, we have witnessed inter-communal violence across the country targeting both Jews and Palestinians. Meanwhile Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah continue to face expulsion, Palestinian citizens of Israel continue to face police brutality, and Palestinians in the West Bank face continued settler and army violence.

Calling for an end to this round of violence is not enough: we grieve every life lost and know that true de-escalation requires an end to occupation, and freedom, equality and dignity for all Palestinians and Israelis.

We will gather again on Wednesday 19 May to make sure our voice cannot be ignored by our communal leaders.

The occupation is a moral crisis. We need bold and decisive leadership based on shared humanity, compassion, and the fundamental belief in the equality of all peoples. We want to be part of a Jewish community which, when faced with the choice between supporting violence, dispossession and occupation on the one hand, and supporting freedom and dignity for all on the other, will always choose to stand for the latter.

We are inspired by the Palestinian and Jewish activists in Israel/ Palestine who have come together to protest the occupation and violence and call for equality and justice. Our community must amplify and support their call.

British Jews: Come Together on Wednesday 19th May at 19:00 (7pm) to show solidarity with Palestinians under occupation and to call for an end to the violence inherent in that occupation, from which all in Israel-Palestine suffer.

IMPORTANT: If you have coronavirus symptoms do not attend. Wear a mask, use hand sanitiser, keep social distance. There will be photography and filming at these events, please discuss with the local rally organiser to opt out of this.

We aim to run as many of these protests around the country as possible, but it will depend on demand as well as the locations of existing Na'amodniks.

As always, donations to help cover our costs are very much appreciated.
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