From the Bay to Atlanta: A Safe Space for Asian Americans to Grieve and Rage

Start: Saturday, March 20, 202112:00 PM

From the Bay to Atlanta on our minds and in our hearts 從灣區到亞特蘭大,我們一直與您同.

Our community is hurting, angry, tired, and heartbroken. This Saturday March 20 at 12 pm noon, we will hold a community space to mourn the 8 people murdered during the mass shooting in Georgia, 6 of whom were Asian women, and we stand with the elderly woman who defended herself against the racist attack in SF earlier this week. Waves of attacks have been directed against all Asian American women and community- join us in creating a space where we vent, grieve, and show care for each other in the wake of what is happening, as we work towards safety for all.

We condemn all forms of racist and sexist violence. All of us, especially women and low-wage and essential workers, deserve to go about our daily lives - go to work and school, take a walk to get groceries - in a safe and healthy community without being afraid of injury or death. Racism, economic inequality, and gender-based violence are at the root of this problem, and our solutions to address this violence must address all in order to be truly safe.

We need comprehensive culturally responsive victim support, resources for community-based safety and prevention programs in Asian American communities, and continued organizing in our communities. For our voices to be heard together, we must heal and tend to the wound in our communities and beyond together. Let’s come together to make art, be in community and support one another.

Access Needs:

This event will be delivered in Cantonese and English, and it will be a child and family friendly event. Ramps will also be accessible .

Please be mindful of our COVID guidelines:


You are not experiencing any symptoms including fever, cough, sneezing, runny eyes or runny nose;

You have not knowingly been exposed to COVID-19 within the past 14 days; and

You are not high-risk for exposure (i.e. immuno-compromised) or have someone high risk in your household


Your own mask that effectively covers both your nose and mouth (make sure to cover or tape any vents) (double mask even better!)

Hand sanitizer

Water bottle to stay hydrated



ALWAYS wear your face mask and make sure your nose and mouth are covered.

ALWAYS maintain at least 6 feet of distance between you and any other person, including any fellow volunteers, unless given consent to be any closer and for only short periods of time

NEVER touch other people

FIND new ways to greet people: air high fives, foot taps

LISTEN to event organizers and follow directions around health and safety announcements


Once you’ve left the space, properly dispose of your PPE, especially if you suspect that you could have been exposed to COVID.

Peel off your mask from the inside out so that you only touch the inside, without touching your face. If it’s reusable, wash between each use.

Peel off your outer-layer clothes from the inside out so that you only touch the inside and wash between each use

About CPA:

Chinese Progressive Association, San Francisco. CPA was founded nearly 50 years ago by Chinatown elders and young people who wanted to improve the living and working conditions in Chinatown. Over the last five decades, CPA has developed the leadership of Chinese immigrants and youth to improve their communities and win social and economic justice for all people.

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