From SA to DC, Women March Against Hate

Start: Saturday, January 21, 201711:00 AM

Saturday, January 21st • 11AM @ CITY HALL, 100 Military Plaza
11am – State of Community Address @ City Hall
Noon – MARCH
1pm-ish – Vision for Our Community @ Estela's Mexican Restaurant, 2200 W. Martin (approx 1.92 miles)
SATURDAY, JANUARY 21st, mujeres and communities of San Antonio join women-led actions throughout the u.s. and the world in marching against the hate, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia, displacement, racism, violence against our peoples and planet, and all the oppressions that the new u.s. federal administration has vowed to embrace and perpetuate. We march in solidarity with our regional, national and global neighbors, who share our burden of any u.s. election results.

And, while we strategize how to survive the next presidential term, we in San Antonio also face critically important LOCAL ELECTIONS IN MAY. The stakes and issues are similar to those in the recent federal elections, but our ability to participate, impact, and have a voice in shaping the community we want to live in is magnified.

On Saturday, January 21, the day after the u.s. presidential inauguration, mujeres of San Antonio and our allies call for the Candidates for Mayor and City Council to acknowledge that our city is not for sale, that water is sacred, and that our neighborhoods deserve improved infrastructure and fair access to quality education, health & well-being.

**** UPDATES ****
ROUTE: START @ City Hall —> head west —> END @Estela's Mexican Restaurant, 2200 W. Martin = LENGTH: approx 1.92miles.

We do not have permit for this march. In 2007, the City of San Antonio passed a parade ordinance that requires some permit applicants to pay thousands of dollars for traffic control while waiving all fees for other marches whose messages are endorsed by City officials. Because of this restrictive ordinance, obtaining march permits in SA is cost prohibitive and inaccessible. We plan to exercise our right to march in the street and will have community peacekeepers working to ensure the safety of all marchers. We hope you'll join us!

DOWNTOWN: UTSA Downtown Campus does not require a permit in LOT D3, under 1-35 / 1-10 highway. This parking lot is approx .6 miles from City Hall
ESTELA'S: Parking is also available at Estela’s on 2200 W. Martin


11:00 AM - From Estela’s (2200 W. Martin) to City Hall
2:30 PM - From Estela’s to UTSA Downtown Parking Lot D, under IH35/I10
((thank you Martinez Street Women's Center for use of your bus!))

VIA BUS ROUTE: From Estela’s back into downtown, VIA Bus Routes 77 and 75 are fastest. 76 can be used but takes longer.

TABLING: community orgs, groups, individuals working on community issues are encouraged to come and are welcome to table and share info @ Estela’s. There will be space to interact and connect. Send Mujeres Marcharan a message for more info.

POSTER MAKING: thank you Southwest Workers Union for hosting a SA to DC, Women's March Art Build + Peace Keeper TrainingTONIGHT! Friday @ 8pm.

SIGNS: all are welcome

PLEASE SHARE, invite your friends and family and HELP SPREAD THE WORD.

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