Gerrymandering 101: Slay the Gerrymander with Redistricting Reform

Start: September 20, 2017 8:00 PM


Jenny Fisher, LWV-Oxford, will be presenting the "Gerrymandering 101: Slay the Gerrymander with Redistricting Reform" seminar on Wednesday, September 20th at 8pm in Harrison Hall (Room 111) on the Miami University Campus. This event is hosted by the Miami College Democrats. This presentation will discuss how the U.S. Congressional districts are currently drawn, how Ohio is gerrymandered, the history of reform attempts, and the details of the current Fair Districts Fair Elections Redistricting Reform. This seminar is informational. All attendees will also be trained on how to circulate a petition. This seminar is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

We will have PETITIONS available for signing.