Governor Hochul: Fund Our Future! Rally for a Climate Budget

Start: Thursday, March 23, 2023 9:00 AM

End: Thursday, March 23, 202311:00 AM

Dark grey wavy text on pale yellow background with cloud texture that reads "Governor Hochul: Fund our Futures". Sunrise NYC logo in top right corner.

After New York State's One House Budget has been released, but before the Final Budget is completed, we will gather en masse to remind Governor Hochul and our State Legislature that they have an obligation to adequately fund climate justice in 2023, because budget decisions are moral decisions, and we cannot afford to compromise our future.

Join us for a rally Thursday morning, March 23rd, at 9am outside Hochul's office in Manhattan, to demand that our Governor and State legislature fund climate justice in the 2023 Budget.

We will urge them to allocate $10 Billion towards the Climate, Jobs, and Justice Package (CJJP), in order to finally fund New York's 2019 historic Climate Act, the CLCPA, and move New York State in the direction of a just transition. The provisions in this package will ensure that the switch to renewable energy, electric buildings, and robust public transit will prioritize historically under-resourced communities and create thousands of good union jobs!

Additionally, we are calling for Governor Hochul and the State Legislature to include the Formula 3 Act (F3A) into the budget. The F3A will fully fund the MTA, allowing them to run 6-minute service on every subway line and at least the 100 busiest bus routes. A more reliable public transit system will remove cars from the road, easing congestion and drastically reducing emissions.

We know that New York State has the revenue, so we need Governor Hochul to take a stand and #fundourfuture.
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Dylan West
New York, New York
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