Grow the Rebellion Welcome & Orientation

Start: 2021-11-21 19:00:00 UTC Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT+11:00)

End: 2021-11-21 20:15:00 UTC Australian Eastern Daylight Time (GMT+11:00)

This is a virtual event

Nov 21th 7.00pm - 8.15pm ADST

Activism is an essential service and its needed NOW.

NonViolent Civil disobedience has worked throughout history when all else has failed, like the Civil rights movement and suffragettes

There is a deep sense of urgency and despair that many of us feel..... we are turning that despair into action, by building a resilient Non-Violent civil disobedience movement acting to create fast and pivotal change in response to the unfolding climate and ecological collapse.

To enable ourselves to act with courage and love in an organised and sustained way we must first learn how to do this.

This interactive session will get you orientated into the XR ways of working. How we are decentralised and autonomous while also working together strategically.  We also recognise the need to build a strong, resilient and compassionate foundation to our movement, this is all part of our work.

There are so many ways to get involved, a full spectrum of equally valuable tasks, from the front line to the home office, we need all of us to act now, and act together.  

Please register via the RSVP here

Come along to this info session to

- find out about Extinction Rebellion & get orientated

- Work out where your skills and passion fit in the rebellion

- Ask questions

- And get involved.

Each of us has a vital and valued part to play. We need to step up to mobilise everywhere – to get others involved. We need to organise our media.  We need to organise our mass actions – helping with nonviolence training, getting everyone to the right place at the right time, and providing all the background support.

We pay our respects to elders past and present and honour Australia's First Nations centuries-long battles to protect Country.

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