Gulf Coast Day of Interdependence: Another Gulf IS Possible

Start: Saturday, August 20, 201610:30 AM

End: Saturday, August 20, 2016 2:00 PM

We share a deep, abiding and unwavering belief that another Gulf is possible.

We, the people of the Gulf South and the Global South, stand united and firm, we need a just transition for the sake of the life and livelihoods of our communities, our cultures and our ecosystems.

We will no longer stand to be a sacrifice zone for this country, we demand justice and equity.

We the people of the Gulf of Mexico region will declare our independence from the archaic fossil fuel economy, and the resulting denials of justice across our lands, waters and in our communities on August 20, 2016.

Four days after, on August 24, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management and the Department of Interior will hold a lease sale in New Orleans, Louisiana, of over 20 million acres of our Gulf of Mexico to the fossil fuel industry.

The Gulf of Mexico region is home to over 40 environmental justice communities, and more than 120 Super Fund sites. While our workers remain idle and jobless, 27,000 abandoned and leaking oil wells and aging structures contaminate our waters and lands. We lose a football field an hour of our wetlands, an important hurricane buffer to our communities.

Meanwhile, as oil execs and companies continue to profit from the use of our resources, we have some of the highest poverty and cancer rates in the nation. Indigenous, migrant, communities of color, and low-wealth populations in the Gulf have been denied recognition of their human and civil rights to health, land, water, culture, and representation.

Wreckless and sold out politicians and agencies have failed to lead our Gulf States to the basin of justice for the people, and have proven inadequate to tackle the true harms of climate change.

Please make plans to join us as we, the people of the Gulf, declare our nonacceptance of any and all attempts to further these injustices on our lands and in our waters. This includes rejecting the administration's new five-year plan, that would jeapordize an additional 43 million acres of the Gulf and the Arctic to Big Oil.


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Event by
Jayeesha Dutta
New Orleans, Louisiana