Harrisburg Climate Strike: STAND UP!! ~ Earth Heart Stewards~

Start: Friday, September 20, 201912:00 PM

Come share your voice to call for immediate action on environmental concerns, combating climate change and putting an end to the reversal of needed environmental protections. The time is now to act, before it is too late! We call on Congress and the House of Representatives to stand up to the environmental devastation being perpetuated in the current administration. We call for the EPA, The Environmental Protection Agency, to really protect the environment and not make changes in favor of the natural gas industry or the coal industry. We are in a crisis on our planet and need to work to reverse the damage that has been done and is increasing, following the reversal of many environmental protections, including safety standards in regards to pesticides, emissions, water quality.. and the destruction of the protections of National Parks and game lands. The time to act is now! We need to move to renewable energy, lessen emissions, enhance energy efficiency, initiate programs to clean up the waterways and the oceans and implement stronger regulations on industry dumping and farm land run off. We need to ban the pesticides that are decimating the bee population and poisoning our children. The time is now for change!!

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