Heading for Extinction (and what to do about it)

Start: Saturday, October 03, 2020 1:00 PM

End: Saturday, October 03, 2020 2:30 PM

The sad and scary truth is that we are at a time of converging crises. As the pandemic hoards attention, we continue to bear the scars of the black summer. We are still in a Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Meanwhile our governments continue to fund fossil fuel companies with our tax dollars and empower gas executives in the economic recovery commission. The corruption is a slap in the face to our community who have suffered so much.

This is an EMERGENCY + Our government refuses to act = Time for direct democracy. Our path to direct democracy is through non-violent civil disobedience drawing upon the historic struggles by the suffragettes, trade union movement and civil rights movement.

Extinction Rebellion is a rapidly growing global movement dedicated to getting governments around the world to tell the truth about the climate and ecological crisis and to take action now!

At this event you will learn:

  • How Extinction Rebellion (XR) is taking non-violent direct action to tackle the crisis head-on
  • XR's history and principles
  • More about the climate and ecological emergency

This event will also enable you to envision the steps you can take to contribute to tackling the climate emergency powerfully and in a way that is appropriate for you.

There is still hope, but we are running out of time.