Hey Chase! Greenwashing in a Climate Crisis is Dead Wrong

Start: Friday, November 25, 202211:00 AM

End: Friday, November 25, 2022 2:00 PM

Hey Chase! Greenwashing in a Climate Crisis is Dead Wrong

When: (Black Friday) Friday, Nov. 25th, 11am-2pm

Where: Chase Bank, 150 N. Michigan Ave.

Join Rising Tide Chicago on Black Friday as we protest Chase Bank greenwashing its image as it profits immensely from funding fossil fuels, deforestation, and polluting fresh water including Lake Michigan.

Chase Bank can’t be the #1 global funder of fossil fuels and claim to be green at the same time!

We are calling out this hypocrisy on Black Friday, as shoppers, tourists and others gather in downtown Chicago. We will let everyone know about their dirty investments and that we are not falling for their lies and neither should they.

Instead of taking action to reduce investments in activities that cause climate change, the bank is investing in renewable energy for its offices and avoiding taking any real action or responsibility for the harm they have caused and are continuing to inflict.

We can’t ignore the climate-fueled floods in Pakistan that have left millions without homes and 1,700 people dead as well as the increased storm surge from the monster hurricane Ian that killed 119 people.

Wall Street is to blame. Big Banks like Chase have profited from funding fossil fuel companies and deforestation for decades since scientists first sounded alarms about the connection between burning fossil fuels, deforestation and climate change.

Putting solar panels on office buildings does not make up for funding activities that pump carbon dioxide into our atmosphere and put lives in danger or even worse result in deaths.

In order to preserve life on earth, we must cease investments in fossil fuels and deforestation in the very near future and repair our earth.

In a just world, Chase Bank (and all the other banks profiting immensely from climate change) would not exist. Climate change is a symptom of an economic system that puts profit and growth for a few above the health of people and ecosystems that sustain life on earth.

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