Red Dress, Red Shawl for MMIWg2S - Shawl Making and Red Dress Honoring & Restoring Traditional Roles

Start: Friday, January 21, 2022 2:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time (US & Canada) (GMT-06:00)

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Red Shawl for MMIWg2S - Making More Shawls for 2022 in Solidarity with the Honoring Survivors Shawls.
Red Dress Honoring MMIWg2S - Twin Ports- Great Lakes Public Art Awareness Campaign
Red Dress, Red Shawl Round Dances - Restoring Traditional Roles

Community Events Honoring Survivors of Violence & MMIW, MMIG2S, MMIWR - "Restoring Traditional Roles"
Events with:
Red Dress Round Dances, Red Dress for MMIWg2S, Red T Shirts and Red Shawls
#RedforMMIW #HonoringIndigenousResiliance #NoMoreMMIW

Men Supporting Survivors of Violence and Supporting the Women in the MMIWG2S Movement
Restoring Traditional Roles of Men as Protectors & Supporting the Roles of Matriarchs

Men Supporting with Red Dresses for MMIWg2S- Solidarity Honoring Survivors Shawls, Red for MMIW Shawls in Red Cliff Culture Days Pow Wow
Red Shawl, Red Dress Healing Round Dance Special for MMIWg2S

Red Dress Honor Round Dance for MMIWg2S, MMIWR
Red Dresses for MMIWg2S were hung circling the arbor and at vendor stands for the special.
Red Dress, Red T Shirts, and Red Children's Clothing was carried by the men circling counter clock wise the Women in Red Shawls was powerful.
Chii Miigwetch to the Men for the beautiful support in the round dance special - Miigwetch Protectors for helping to make the round dance a beautiful healing experience.
Honoring all of our lost loved ones Those loss in our communities and sending out those prayers to bring them all home.
Solidarity Shawls, Red for MMIW Shawls, Red Dress for MMIWg2S
Miigwetch for Supporting: "Red Dress Honor Round Dance for MMIWg2S, MMIWR"

Event by
Native Lives Matter Coalition
Twin Ports WI & MN, Wisconsin