Hudson Valley People's Climate Sister March & Rally

Start: Saturday, April 29, 201711:00 AM

End: Saturday, April 29, 2017 2:00 PM


Please join us for the

Hudson Valley People's Climate

Sister March in Hudson NY.

On the same day that hundreds of thousands of people

will descend on Washington DC to fight for the planet,

Hudson NY will be the site of the

Hudson Valley People's Climate Sister March & Rally.

On Saturday April 29th, hundreds of thousands of people will stand up and be counted among those who believe in science and the evidence we see all around us, who will fight together to help save our planet and our children’s future. And when we save we’ll fight to save the planet, it’s not hyperbole. This may well be our last chance to save our miraculous planet so that our children, grandchildren and their future generations can breathe clean air and drink clean water without the storms, droughts and natural disruptions that have become more and more frequent everywhere on Earth.

The biggest event is expected to be the main People’s Climate March in Washington DC. There are scores of sister marches in cities and towns, both large and small, throughout the United States and over the entire planet. So a number of sister march cities around the globe including New York, London, Seattle, Paris or others may actually battle D.C. for the biggest rally and march location.

The marches corresponds with Trump’s 100th day in office. During those 100 days, he has rolled back long fought for environmental regulations, that most scientists agree didn’t even go far enough. He has ordered fossil fuel pipelines built over sacred native lands. He has stepped up all carbon extraction, his Russian connections are pressing to lift sanctions so that Exxon can drill for oil in what is said to some of the largest deposits ever seen on Earth. And he is in the process of systematically decimating and dismantling the Environmental Protection Agency, the agency that even Richard Nixon thought was necessary when he signed the legislation that created it. Trump must be stopped.

The Hudson NY event is being organized by a coalition of  individuals involved with local Indivisible, Resistance and Environmental groups in the Upper Hudson Valley and is being co-sponsored with Basilica Hudson which opens their 2017 Season with 24-HOUR DRONE: EXPERIMENTS IN SOUND AND MUSIC, their quintessentially Hudson music festival.

So if you can't make it to DC, what better place to rally and march for the planet, than the city named after the great Hudson River?

• The Rally - 11am •

Hudson Resistance with support from Indivisible CD19 and Indivisible Chatham has organized the Hudson Valley People’s Climate March which will begin with a rally in Hudson’s Public Square (sometimes known as 7th Street Park – 7th St and Warren St, Hudson NY) at 11am.

Pre-Rally Music by Rick & Marilyn

Speakers and Performers at the Rally will be:

Ned Sullivan – Scenic Hudson
Assembly Member Didi Barrett
Michelle O’Leary – NY Water Project, Hoosik Falls
The Hudson Dusters
Karen Frishkoff – Citizen’s Climate Lobby
Will Yandik – 4th Generation Farmer & Former Candidate for Congress

• The March - Noon •

After the rally, the march will step off and head down historic Warren Street toward the river. We are encouraging people to bring signs and other visuals. The national march is encouraging people to produce signage and visuals that are circles to represent the planet and the circles of resistance that we see everywhere in the nation. DRONE-y sounds — such as wordless voices, kazoos, recorders, flutes, portable keyboards, bag pipes — are encouraged, as is thematic dress. Think Climate, think Planet, think cosmic DRONE! The march route will take Warren Street to the end, turn left on Front Street pass the train station and will end up at Basilica Hudson with their 24-HOUR DRONE festival will have just begun.

• The Meet Up • 1pm •

As marchers arrive at Basilica they are encouraged to meet near the Kite’s Nest building (to the left of Basilica’s Main Hall). That area will be stocked with information by representatives of local and regional environmental groups, local indivisible and resistance groups and green energy businesses. The meet up will provide an opportunity to meet with activists, volunteers and businesses who are working for positive change, a chance to exchange ideas, and get more involved.


The DRONE Continues - 24-HOUR DRONE will already be in progress having started at noon, and marchers are invited to do both!  March for the Planet then get your DRONE on.

Limited 24-HOUR DRONE tickets will be available at the door, or available for purchase in advance online HERE.  

Nicole LoBue of Alimentary Kitchen will be serving a planet-healthy lunch for purchase on site.

Let's march together.

Join us on Saturday April 29th at 11am

at Hudson NY's Public Square (aka 7th Street Park).

For more information contact:
Hudson Resistance • • Victor Mendolia • 518-966-2060.

More info can be found at the Hudson Resistance website and the event Facebook page

Help Spread the Word: Flyer your neighborhood or help go viral on the web: Download posters for printing and web graphics here