Hunger Memorial for Gaza

Start: Monday, January 15, 202411:00 AM

End: Monday, January 15, 202412:30 PM

The Israeli government is currently starving civilians in Gaza. The United States government is aiding this forced famine, including our representatives Sen. Chuck Schumer and NY-10 Congressman Dan Goldman . It is our duty to learn from past atrocities to prevent them from happening again. Join us at the Irish Hunger Memorial on Mon. Jan. 15 at 11am to demand Israel and the U.S. stop starving Gaza!

We will denounce starvation as a war tactic and tool of colonial empire from Ireland to Bangladesh. We cannot be horrified by atrocity in retrospect: let's take collective action to voice our dissent about what is happening in Gaza. Together, we will express grief for lives already lost and demand our representative prevent further deaths and starvation.


-Permanent ceasefire now

-No US weapons aid to Israel

-Release all hostages & political prisoners

-End the siege, apartheid, and occupation

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