Film: "I Can Speak" (2017) -- 아이 캔 스피크 -- アイ・キャン・スピーク, and Lecture by Prof. NOGAWA Motokazu

Start: Sunday, August 25, 2019 1:00 PM

名古屋上映会 & 能川元一さん講演会

「アイ キャン スピーク」(2017年の韓国映画)


能川元一(のがわ もとかず)


大阪大学大学院人間科学研究科助手を経て大学非常勤講師。専攻は哲学。歴史認識問題や家族に関する右派の言説が現在の研究対象。著書に『憎悪の広告』(共著、合同出版)、『海を渡る「慰安婦」問題』(共著、岩波書店)、『右派はなぜ家族に介入したがるのか』(共著、大月書店)。『レイシズムと外国人嫌悪』(小林真生編著、明石書店)、『徹底検証 日本の右傾化』(塚田穂高編、ちくま選書)等

日時: 8月25日(日)開演 午後1時 (開場 12時半)
場所: イーブルなごや(旧女性会館)ホール(3階)
入場料: 1,000円(当日券のみ)

協力 不戦へのネットワーク、韓国併合100年東海行動実行委員会、旧日本軍による性的被害女性を支える会、ワールド・ビヨンド・ウォー(World BEYOND War)、東海民衆センター、応答せよ2016@ナゴヤ

"I Can Speak" (2017) 아이 캔 스피크 - The film tells the story of an elderly woman (played by Na Moon Hee) who constantly files complaints with the local office about the wrongs that she sees around her each day. Along the way, she forms an unlikely friendship with a junior civil service officer (played by Lee Je Hoon) who begins to teach her English. Though the film is a comedy, the genre serves as a vehicle to discuss the deeper topic of Korean comfort women during World War II. Director: Hyun-seok Kim Stars: Mun-hee Na, Je-hoon Lee, Darrick Claiborne

A lecture will be given by Professor NOGAWA Motokazu, who is a philosopher and the author of many books and articles on Japanese ultranationalism and the controversy surrounding the history of the "comfort women" (military sex trafficking) issue. Some of his writings have been translated into English.

1,000 yen for tickets (on the day of the event only).

The location is a 3-minute walk from Higashi Betsuin Station, which is on the Meijo Line near Kanayama Station.

Sponsoring Organizations: "Fusen E no Network" (Network for Non-War), "Kankoku Heigou 100-nen  Tokai Koudou Jikkou Iinkai" (Korea Annexation 100-Years Tokai Action Executive Committee), "Kyuu Nihongun Ni Yoru Seiteki Higai Josei Wo Sasaeru Kai" (The Committee To Support Women Victims of Sexual Violence By the Former Japanese Army), World BEYOND War, "Tokai Minshuu Center" (Tokai Democracy Center), "Outou Seyo 2016@Nagoya" (Respond 2016@Nagoya).

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Santee, Japan