Impeachment Rally

Start: Friday, September 06, 201910:00 AM


Representative Gil Cisneros has yet to come out for a formal impeachment inquiry. We will meet in front of his District office to let him know that we demand that he support a formal impeachment inquiry now before it's too late. We will have speakers and signs and chants. We are working in coalition with PDA, Indivisible, Move On, Common Cause, Need to Impeach, and others all of whom have come out for opening a formal impeachment inquiry.

We have a very limited time in which to hold the President accountable for his impeachable offenses. We don’t need to be afraid of Donald Trump, and we don’t need to let him get away with crimes either. The question facing our nation now at this time is history is whether the President of the United States is allowed to commit crimes and other impeachable offenses, or whether we will defend the Constitution and our democratic institutions at a time when nationalism is on the rise and our democracy is under attack?

Event by
Rich Procida
Whittier, California
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South Whittier, CA