IONY Week of Action in Albany Kick-Off on March 27th

Start: Monday, March 27, 202311:00 AM

*Please note that this registration page is for Monday, March 27th - registration pages for other dates will be linked below.*

Beginning on Monday, March 27th the Invest in Our NY Campaign will be heading to Albany for a week of action - calling on the Legislature and Governor to reject proposals that shortchange NYers in favor of billionaire donors; and to instead pass a budget that makes meaningful and lasting investments in the programs & services we rely on! The week of action will kick off on Monday, March 27th at the Capitol with a rally. The rest of the week will be focused on centering specific issues, including worker justice on 3/27; Climate on 3/28 (register here); Housing on 3/29 (register here); and public education & pushing back on raising the cap on charter schools on 3/29.

This registration link is specifically for Monday 3/27. The Invest in Our NY Campaign will be providing transportation from across the state and will provide meals for participants. Please indicate where you/your organization will be traveling from when you sign up. Bus pick up times will range from 7AM - 9AM depending on where you're traveling from. If you're meeting us in Albany, please meet us at the Capitol by 11AM. The rally will be at 12PM at the Million Dollar Staircase. If you're interested in staying in Albany additional days, please indicate in the registration which dates you're available.


Join the Invest in Our New York Campaign for a week of action ahead of the budget deadline to demand the Governor and Legislature pass a final budget that meets the needs of working-class communities over the Gov's proposed billionaire budget . Gov. Hochul's billionaire budget shortchanges our communities through:

  • A proposal to raise the cap on charter schools taking critical public dollars from our public education system;
  • A minimum wage proposal that means the lowest-wage workers in our state will continue to get crushed under rising costs;
  • A proposal on housing ignores the hundreds of thousands of homeless New Yorkers who need to be housed right now, and those at risk of becoming homeless. It ignores tenants and puts real-estate interests first;
  • A proposal on child care that continues to exclude undocumented children and leaves child care educators in poverty;
  • A failure to address programs of critical need, like the Unemployment Bridge Program or ensuring everyone in our state has access to health care coverage; and
  • Proposals to raise revenue through a regressive payroll tax, which will fall on workers, and through increasing taxes on tobacco, increased tuition for public higher education, and fair hikes on the MTA. All these costs will fall on working-class people already bearing the brunt of inflation.

As the final budget is negotiated in Albany, it's critical that we have a strong presence in the Capitol demanding deep investments in housing; addressing the climate crisis; our public education system (including higher education); our workers & wages; and in the social safety net so many NYers rely on.