Juliana v United States: Justice for #EachGeneration

Start: Monday, October 29, 201811:30 AM

End: Monday, October 29, 2018 1:00 PM

On behalf of the brave 21 youth plaintiffs in Juliana v. United States, thank you for all of your support. It’s been a long journey and we are nearing a moment that is not to be missed. In September, many of you rose for climate, jobs, and justice in your community. Now is the time to stand up and join the movement behind the #TrialoftheCentury. Juliana v. U.S. is going to trial! This lawsuit could change everything.

On October 29, 2018, 21 young people were scheduled to confront the federal government in open court. They will demand a science-based National Climate Recovery Plan––a plan that would end the reign of fossil fuels and lead to swift decarbonization. The case is on administrative stay from the U.S. Supreme Court at the moment, but that's all the more reason these plaintiffs need your help.

The government is trying to silence them.

To help win their case, people in every state are standing up to organize a rally in support of the Juliana plaintiffs! These rallies will be held on October 28th and 29th at federal courthouses across the country.

This was the organizing page for the rally at the Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston, MA on 29th October.

Organized by First Parish Needham, Unitarian Universalist, and its Green Congregation Committee, this Meeting of Witness will stand in solidarity with the #YouthVGov using the peaceful means of argument in court to demand the National Climate Recovery Plan. We are teaming with Mothers Out Front, 350 Massachusetts/Better Future Project, and Alternatives for Community & Environment (ACE) to bring you this rally.

The Meeting began at 11:30 a.m. sharp, and conclude at 1 p.m. Please try to use public transportation to arrive. The Silver Line comes from South Station, and the Orange Line comes from North Station. It will go on whatever the weather, but will be outdoors. It's located on the Boston waterfront, so we recommend you dress warmly.

Despite the threat of heavy weather, the sun broke through the clouds and we had a wonderful event.

The rally will be located on the green behind the Courthouse at this Google Maps location, https://goo.gl/maps/Z2W9myGNKao

We had speakers, musicians, and singers. Here's a tentative program:

Reverend Catie Scudera, minister, First Parish in Needham will give the Invocation.

Jan Galkowski, Boston community organizer for Our Children's Trust, will Welcome and emphasize Why We Are Here .

Daria Mark, community activist for Mothers Out Front, will Daria will introduce Mothers Out Front and talk about the importance of all of us standing in solidarity with these youth climate activists in our everyday actions. "We will not rest until we have a plan for a swift and just transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy."

Richard Juang, Staff Attorney for Alternatives for Community & Environment (ACE) set Juliana v United States in the context of civil rights legislation. Richard was ill today, and his remarks were presented by Vignesh Ramachandran of 350 Massachusetts/Better Future Project.

Craig Atamose, 350 Massachusetts/Better Future Project, will address Juliana v United States and what it asks of each of us.

Our special guest was Our Children's Trust plaintiff Shamus Miller.  Shamus was OCT's plaintiff for a successful lawsuit against Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection's failure to enforce the Massachusetts Global Warming Solutions Act.

Posters are recommended, but we ask that these be based upon the themes shown in the pictures at this link. In addition, there is an arts toolkit.

Thank you!

And, please note, if you live closer to Worcester, Massachusetts, note that there is a rally scheduled on the 28th of October at 3:00 pm at the First Unitarian Church of Worcester. Click on that link to see details and to sign up.

And, if you live closer to Providence, Rhode Island, there is a rally scheduled for 4:00 pm on the 29th.

Here are some photographs from the event today: