July End Corporate Rule Call

Start: Wednesday, July 22, 2015 9:00 PM


I. Introductions
Stephen Spitz (7 minutes)
II. Supreme Court Victories
Stephen Spitz and Jann Campbell (10 minutes)
A. Affordable Care Act
B. Marriage Equality
C. Housing discrimination
D. Other cases
III. Grand Alliance to Save the Post Office
Stephen Spitz, Jann Campbell, Russell Freedman and Andrea Miller (5 minutes)
A. H Res 54 in this month's letter drop
B. Chapter initiative: cards in support of USPS to Postmaster General
C. Discussion of endorsement of H Res 12
IV. Bernie Sanders presidential campaign - Berniemania
Group (10 minutes)
V. Hill Update
Andrea Miller (10 minutes)
A. Trans Pacific Partnership Treaty Update
B. July Round Table Update
C. Legislative Update
D. Letter Drops
VI. 21st Century Glass-Steagall being pushed by Senators Liz Warren and John McCain
What should we be doing?
Stephen Spitz, Jann Campbell, David Sonneborn and Walt Kloefkorn (5 minutes)
VII. Constitutional Amendment Against Citizens United Campaign
Stephen Spitz, Jann Campbell and Sean Barnett (10 minutes)
A. Nolan/Pocan - HJ Res 48
B. Tester/Whitehouse - SJ Res 7
C. Deutch/Udall - HJ Res 22/SJ Res 5
D. McGovern - HJ Res 23
VIII. Papal Visit to DC in September
Stephen Spitz (5 minutes)
IX. Medicare 50th Birthday: July 30th
Social Security 80th Birthday: August 14
Stephen Spitz (5 minutes)
X. Closing Announcements/Goodbye Confederate Flag
Jann Campbell (1 minute)
Sponsored by
Ruther Glen, VA