Labour Be Bold Rally

Start: Friday, June 02, 2023 1:00 PM

End: Friday, June 02, 2023 2:30 PM

***THIS EVENT IS ONLY 1 HOUR, come in your lunch break! Drag your friends along, persuade your colleagues, empty the lecture theatres!***

Join our rally outside Labour Party HQ in London on Friday 2nd June at 1pm to put pressure on the Labour Party to take more action on climate change and inequality.

Keir Starmer and Rachel Reeves - will you meet with us?

With less than a year until the next election, the polls are narrowing and Labour needs to decide which side they are on. This is an important turning point in our campaign!

This week Labour announced that they were fully committed to no new oil and gas. Add this to some of the promises from last year and it seems that our tactics are working. A win like this is the result of thousands of people coming together to build pressure and demand justice.

But what is on the table is still nowhere near enough. We know we need real change to make sure we win a world in which everybody can thrive. The Labour manifesto is being debated and written up right now so we must keep the pressure up.

We are calling for Labour to commit to passing a package of legislation in the first 100 days of a new government which kick-starts the Green New Deal. Legislation which would make an immediate difference in people’s lives and secure the future for us all including; expanding public ownership to key utilities and services, taxing wealth, delivering a Green Jobs Guarantee and a Living Income, enacting a National Nature Service and setting out Labour’s internationalist vision by leading the charge to make polluters pay globally.

Join us for the rally to turn up the heat!

What to do today?

1. RSVP to this event.

2. Join our WhatsApp group and get involved in organising, we will send updates and more information closer to the time.

3. Share our petition, calling on the Labour Party to back our five demands.

A weekend of action!

This year our movement will be everywhere - demanding change in the streets and winning power on the doorstep. We’ve spent the last six months launching our national canvassing operation and developing a plan to force Labour to back a Green New Deal. This is when they come together.

Why not come to another action - Street by Street - in Chingford the next day? On the 3rd June, we will be going street by street for the Green New Deal. You can sign up for that, here.