Last Chance to Save the World DC

Start: Saturday, October 29, 201612:00 PM

Donald Trump cannot be trusted with the control of our country’s nuclear arsenal as president. Join Global Zero Action as we rally to keep Trump’s hands away from the nuclear button, and call for an end to that red button!

Over this election, Donald Trump has shown he does not understand using even one nuclear weapon would be a catastrophic global disaster. He asked MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough 3 times in a 1-hour policy briefing: “If we have nuclear weapons, why can’t we use them?” He has gone on to say more countries (like South Korea, Japan and Saudi Arabia) should develop their own nuclear weapons, and he refuses to rule out dropping nuclear bombs on Europe.

No one person can be trusted with the unjust, undemocratic and terrifyingly absolute power to kill hundreds of millions of people at the press of a button -- let alone someone like Donald Trump. Join us to #StopTrump and say #NoRedButton!

That's why we're taking the fight to local Trump campaign offices and Trump properties to demonstrate how important it is that Donald Trump never get his finger on the red button.

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