Local 21 Contingent for SF Pride Parade

Start: Sunday, June 24, 201812:00 PM

We will be meeting at 12:00 pm to gather everyone together, distribute t-shirts and decorate ourselves.  

Our pride contingent is #96, and the staging location is on Spear between Howard and Folsom. People should be there by noon. It’s expected that we will start marching at 12:30 pm.

We will have water and snacks on-hand and Local 21 will provide t-shirts.

A few tips to help you prepare:
  • The parade runs along Market Street from Steuart to 8th. We will be continuously walking/dancing/hip hopping for over an hour - so wear comfortable shoes!
  • Although the morning will likely be foggy, the parade always gets sunny and hot! Remember your hat and sunscreen.

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