Los Angeles Moral Witness Wednesday: Economic Investment for the People!

Start: Wednesday, November 10, 202110:30 AM

The largest investment in people by the US government in a generation is on the line in Washington DC with the reconciliation package. The Build Back Better (BBB) legislation is nowhere near what we need to fully address poverty and low-wealth in this nation. And yet we know that it is an important step and will result in a massive investment in the people.

On Wednesday, November 10th, at 10:30am, the California Poor People’s Campaign will be holding a press conference at the office of Senator Alex Padilla in Los Angeles.

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We need to challenge our Senators to invest in the people and hold the line. This is our final shot to make sure all of the lifesaving elements and programs are included in the plan:

  • 6 million 3- & 4 year-olds will benefit from universal pre-K

  • 4 million people get health insurance by expanding Medicaid

  • Extends Child Tax Credit for millions of parents

  • $250 million saved by giving government power to negotiate drug prices

  • 4-week paid family and medical leave

The next few weeks are critical for our movement and this country. There is a timeline coming from Washington, which as a national movement, we need to respond to with a coordinated, strategic arc of actions which will show our power and make a critical, final push to hold the line for some of our Senators, and to call on other Senators to not obstruct the will and needs of the people.

The House is planning to vote on the BBB and Infrastructure plan very soon. Senator Manchin yet again has called into question whether our nation, the richest in the world, can afford to invest in the plan. Currently, a congressional scorecard is being made to look at the economics of it. The BBB Senate vote will come up during the week of Nov. 15th after senators come back from their home states.

The BBB is NOT our only demand. We are continuing to demand action on voting rights. We are going to keep pushing for dignity and protections for ALL 11 million undocumented immigrants in the BBB. We need to preserve the climate protections in the legislation, but it’s clear it’s not enough to address climate change. The BBB is not THE solution, but is an important step, in a series of steps, in order to invest in the lives and livelihoods of the people-- especially the 140 million poor and low-income people in this country.

Join us for Moral Witness Wednesday on November 10th!