Louisville Climate Strike

Start: Friday, September 20, 201910:00 AM


In September people everywhere will walk out of their homes and workplaces together, and join young strikers in the streets to demand climate justice and emergency action to tackle the climate crisis. We know governments won't do it on their own, so, as part of a season of global climate actions, groups from throughout the Southeast and around the country will hit the streets. Lets make known that the world-devouring consumer economy we live in is not our "American Dream"-- we want something more, something cleaner, something with more heart and less poison.

We will meet at the park by City Hall at noon and join the Mayor's Monthly Earth Day Initiative in delivering their tenth letter demanding and monitoring the progress of the city in adapting to the real world. Later, we will slow the flow of traffic because we know that those in power only pay attention when their economy gets interrupted and when people are willing to risk their liberty. Any inconvenience to the general public comes not out of malice but desperation, and because this crisis affects all of us. We will encourage people to use public or self-powered modes of transportation. More bikes! At 7pm we will regroup at Bardstown and Baxter to celebrate our community and our future work, play, love, music, and victory together.

Business as usual means carbon emissions that condemn much of the life on our planet to extinction and ensure one catastrophe after another for human society. Business as usual means disproportionate environmental impacts in communities of color and in poor communities. Business as usual means that most of us get up every day and go to jobs that we know in our hearts will eventually destroy all that we hold dear. So we intend to demonstrate the power of people working collectively through a general strike in order disrupt business as usual, to change the system so it may no longer hold us hostage.

Jellyfish will like the new climate system... how about our kids?
We invite you to leave work and join us on the streets.
Bring water, food to share and comfortable clothing.

This action is in solidarity with the Global Climate Strike and Fridays For Future.