Lunch Klimatprat:ArtistsforFuture AllforFuture Regenartiv Kultur

Start: Friday, March 06, 202011:30 AM

This event will be held in Swedish!
All results will be posted on Social Media.

11:30 11:35 Ola Gabrielson: Ett annorlunda gruppsamtal: People's assembly intro, light candle, photo, go through process to all: with question for discussion (i.e. deliberation).
Facilitators x2, Ola Gabrileson,
Time keeper x1, Janine OKeeffe
11:35 11:45 Speaker
11:45-11:55 question time for speaker
11:55 repeat deliberation question and break into groups of max 3 to 8, each with facilitator and notetaker
12:15-12:25 Note takers report back.
12:25-12:30 Finish with thanks and repeat where people will be able to find all results. eg. web page with pictures of notes etc.
12:30 eat together or walk to finansdepartementet

See you next Friday 11:30 Sagerska Huset!

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All People's assembly meeting notes and photos will be published on social media and web pages. (please contact Janine OKeeffe if you require an exception.)

Ref: People's Assembly description