Mass Moral Motorcade on Manchin

Start: Thursday, August 26, 202112:00 PM

Led by the West Virginia Poor People’s Campaign, the National Poor People’s Campaign along with partners and moral leaders from around the state, West Virginians ‘from the hood to the holler’ are gathering to demand Senator Manchin have the moral courage to end the coward’s filibuster, pass all provisions of the For the People Act, fully restore the 1965 Voting Rights Act and pass $15/hr federal minimum wage.

The Mass Moral Motorcade on Manchin will gather in Madison, WV, the same mountains that one hundred years ago saw the largest multiracial labor uprising in history, where thousands of coal miners joined together to fight for dignity, respect, fair wages and a union. The motorcade will end at the West Virginia State Capitol in Charleston. The Madison-to-Charleston Mass Moral Motorcade on Manchin will build on West Virginia’s long history of resistance to greed and anti-democratic forces. We are still in a deadly pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we can stop defending our democracy!

Failure to pass these laws has put the infrastructure of democracy and the lives of tens of millions of low-income workers at risk. Senator Manchin is hiding behind the cowardly filibuster to appease the forces of the US Chamber of Commerce rather than the people of West Virginia, where 40% of our people are poor or low-income. Manchin has made a fortune off the coal industry here in West Virginia, along with the rest of the top 1% in the state. From 1979 to 2012, income for the top 1% grew by 61%, while income for the bottom 99% actually fell 0.4%, according to the Economic Policy Institute. It’s time that Manchin stop protecting his pockets and the status quo under the disguise of “bi-partisianship” and take the moral stand to do what’s right by his state and our nation.

Sign up to join us for the motorcade on Thursday, Aug. 26 or join us online at

*Participation in the motorcade will be exclusively inside your car and does not include being in a crowd or march. We are planning the motorcade in this way in light of the surging Delta variant of Covid 19. Once you sign up here and select the option to join the motorcade, you will be sent further details for the day's logistics.