Mass Slow March for Climate

Start: Saturday, March 16, 2024 2:00 PM

Mass Slow March

We are in a climate and ecological emergency, people are already dying from floods, fires and conflict driven by extractive industries. Our governments have failed us. They refuse to acknowledge their duty of care to future generations.

So we must engage in mass marches to demand better. On Saturday March 16, there will be just that, a huge gathering of strength and as we peacefully slow march through the CBD on the final day of Rebel 4 Life.

Join us at 2:00 pm at Treasury Gardens to demand real action.

This mass march will be led by School Strike for Climate, followed by the famous Blinky the giant burning koala, and the Rebel Reds will help set the sombre and passionate tone. We will sing for our lives, the lives of children, animals, and all living things, around the world. Join us in creating a powerful and colourful cry.

The march will arrive at the Flinders Street intersection around 4:00 pm, where some will choose to sit and hold that intersection for as long as possible. Others will move to the side of the road and cheer, sing and support those able to make that powerful stand.

If you think you might stay on the road, sign up for updates about the Mass Civil Disobedience so we can explain your options and provide as much support and training as possible.

Civil resistance, when done properly, cannot be ignored. That is exactly what we need right now to defend our planet: to be unignorable. So it’s up to us! When governments fail, it's the people who must rise up and make change. You are called to join us and demand a better world. The aim is for 300 people, or more, to sit peacefully on the road and refuse to move.

We know that by gathering in large numbers and showing our determination we can force our governments to act with the appropriate urgency on the climate and ecological emergency we are in. Join us and help build the mass movement we need – contact us to help with postering.

Please join us. for a debrief. Dinner will be provided.

Bring a friend, as always, and tell them to bring a friend.

Extinction Rebellion Victoria acknowledges that we rebel on First Nations lands. Country has never been ceded. We offer our respect to Elders, past and present. As we face the climate crisis, we honour the first custodians: activists for land, water, culture and life.