Mass Assembly & Moral March

Start: Saturday, March 02, 202410:30 AM

Let's join together to demand living wages, voting rights, healthcare, fully-funded public education, a healthy environment, clean water, affordable and decent housing, an end to the war economy, militarism and genocide, an end to poverty, and MORE!

March 2 will be a simultaneous day of direct action at statehouses all across the country. We aim to bring together thousands of poor and low-wealth people and their allies to demand a moral agenda from our lawmakers at the state level.

Will you join us?

With 140 million poor and low-wealth people in America (the wealthiest nation on earth) we know that poverty is a moral failure of our leadership and we won’t be silent anymore. Chronic poverty is the 4th leading cause of premature death in this country - more than gun violence and car accidents. It doesn’t need to be this way, and as the majority, we can make a difference.

On March 2, we will bring our voices and our witness to the Wisconsin State Capitol and present our Unifying Values and Demands to the legislature and its leadership. The unifying values of the assembly and march center around the following demands for ALL:

  • Living Wages
  • Voting Rights
  • Environmental Justice
  • Access to Housing
  • Healthcare
  • Equal Rights for ALL
  • Fully-Funded Public Education
  • Ending the War Economy, Militarism & Genocide
  • Abolishing Poverty
  • The Unity of Love, Not the Division of Hate

10:30am -- Gather at the State Street Steps
11:00am -- March Capitol Square
12:00pm -- Assembly at First United Methodist Church
1:00pm -- Lunch

Click HERE to ride a bus from Beloit!
Click HERE to ride a bus from Milwaukee!

There are many volunteer opportunities available leading up to, as well as on the day of, the march and mass assembly. No prior experience is needed!