Memorial Vigil for the victims of the Odessa massacre in 2014! No war against Donbass and Russia!

Start: Sunday, May 02, 2021 4:00 PM

End: Sunday, April 25, 2021 6:30 PM

May 2, 2021 marks the seventh anniversary of the Odessa massacre, when a massive mob, led by openly fascist organizations, murdered numerous people in the trade union house in Odessa, Ukraine.
Antifascist organizations throughout the world hold local actions to show their support and to press the Odessans’ demand for an international investigation into the tragedy.

In Odessa on that date, after the fascists attacked the Union Building at least 48 people died in the flames, from smoke inhalation, from gunshot wounds, or they were beaten to death after jumping out of the building's windows to escape the fire, which was set by the fascist mob.

The people in Donetsk and Lugansk and many other cities knew that their lives were at stake and responded by occupying the government buildings. In Donetsk and Lugansk they were successful and declared independence; in other cities they did not. In Ukraine and in Germany this is being labelled as "terrorism". To this day, Ukraine is waging war against the People's Republics with Western support, thereby breaking the Minsk agreements continuously.

On the very same date of May 2 in the year 1933, union houses across Germany were occupied by the fascists. Right after the fascist Coup d'état in early 1933, on this date in May 1933 unionists were arrested, were sent to the first concentration camps and were thrown in jail. Many were tortured and killed. Some survived their ordeal, after they were set free in May 1945 by allied forces.

The Red Army of the Soviet Union was bearing the main brunt of war. Estimates suggest that around 27 million citizens of the Soviet Union lost their lives. Thousands of villages, towns, and cities were destroyed, and the Soviet Union’s economic infrastructure was completly devastated.

At the same time our demand is to end to the incitement to war against Russia! No war against Donbass and Russia!

In an international appeal, numerous individuals and organizations are calling, among other things, for an independent international investigation into the Odessa massacre. See the declaration here: LINK