Minimum Lot Size Changes - Plan Board

Start: Thursday, March 28, 2024 6:30 PM

The City of Gainesville Plan Board will be voting on two items that will reduce the minimum lot sizes in Single Family zoned areas. This will help make starter homes more prevalent. Reducing minimum lot sizes is one of the top things cities can do to make housing more affordable.

Commissioner Bryan Eastman has spent the past year being a voice for more sensible lot-size rules in Gainesville. He says "the proposal would take Gainesville’s four existing residential single-family zoning categories and merge them together into one. It would then give those areas the same lot dimension standards of “Residential Conservation”, which you can see in the Pleasant Street neighborhood just north of downtown."

We need pro-housing voices to show up and advocate for these changes. If you have questions or would like some talking points, drop us a line.

Commissioner Eastman's Proposal:

The City Plan Board meets at City Hall at 6:30PM.

Two items on the agenda related to Minimum Lot Sizes:

1) 2024-267 Single Family Comprehensive Plan Amendment LD24-000028 (B) 20240328

2) 2024-263 Single Family Zoning Amendment LD24-000032 (B) 20240328

Plan Board Agenda:

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