All-In Meeting April

Start: Sunday, April 24, 2022 1:00 PM

End: Sunday, April 24, 2022 4:30 PM



The Box Factory is unavailable this month so we will be at the SW Comm Centre (Minor Works Building)

NEW TO EXTINCTION REBELLION: Please come to the 1pm session to hear about who we are as a movement, why we use civil disobedience as a strategy and ways you can be involved.

The purpose of this gathering is to meet face-to-face to share our thoughts, concerns and ideas, building agreements on strategies, tactics and actions. Having a space to connect and inspire each other is so essential to a self-organising movement. It is through this connection and communication we can bring our collective intelligence together to make our best decisions.

These gatherings will be held on the last Sunday of each month at the Box Factory from 1-4:30pm.

1-2pm: Introductory session for new people including a brief Heading for Extinction presentation and Q&A. (Spaces for groups to have a quick check-in or organise proposals for the Open Space part of the session can be organised)

2-2:30pm: Check-In and sharing circle: Being a decentralised movement, things happen locally, nationally and internationally that only some of us get the hear about. This circle will give us the opportunity to hear from anyone who has knowledge about XR from the spaces they have spent time in that may be of interest to us all. So if you are a link into local, national or international goings-on... please share!

2:30-3:15pm: Open Space Session One for people to self-organise actions/next steps. This will be an opportunity to bring a project/action/idea to the whole group. People will then self-select which project/action/idea they want to give energy too as we break into small groups to get into the work needed to bring the ideas to fruition.

3:15-3:45pm Afternoon tea

3:45-4:15pm: Open Space Session Two because we have so many ideas!!

4:15-4:30pm: Feedback from open space, invitations into work, celebration and close.

Please register as this will greatly help with planning.