NHS 75 Conference

Start: Saturday, July 01, 202310:15 AM

End: Saturday, July 01, 2023 4:30 PM

#NHS75 75 years of National Health Service Socialist Health Association Conference
Photos credit: Diego Sideburns | CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Trinity Mirror Mirror pix

Join us for the NHS 75 Conference, featuring campaigning NHS workers, union leaders, overseas workers, MPs, and we all who use the service.

The event is backed by: Doctors in Unite, Keep Our NHS Public, War on Want, RMT, and new endorsements are arriving daily.

Speakers include Zarah Sultana MP, Ian Byrne MP, Rosena Allin-Khan MP, migrant champions Cllr Hosnieh Djafari-Marbini and Aliya Yule, Lester Holloway from “The Voice” on Windrush, Asad Rehman from WoW, researchers and activists Sally Ruane, Rathi Guhadasan, Faiza Shaheen, Liz Peretz and Benjamin Goodair, nurse campaigner Antonia Berelson, junior doctor Dan Zahedi from BMA, Helen O’Connor from GMB, Riccardo la Torre from FBU, Onay Kasab from Unite, Alex Gordon from RMT, Tony O’Sullivan from Keep NHS Public, Hope Worsdale from Just Treatment, Coral Jones, Esther Giles and Caroline Bedale from SHA & more TBC.

The aim of the conference is to develop a way forward – what is the path out of privatisation and the market in the NHS? Rebuilding a publicly funded, publicly provided and publicly planned NHS underpinned by a public health approach in all government policies!

The Socialist Health Association, founded in 1930 by radical doctors and inspired by the socialist, community and union struggles of the period, worked with Labour to establish the NHS in 1948.

The rationale behind the creation of the NHS as a publicly funded, publicly provided, universal, comprehensive free system remains.  

The NHS is under threat because of inadequate funding, mounting staff vacancies, crumbling buildings and the NHS ‘market’. The market enables takeover of clinical services by private companies and corporate capture of NHS commissioning (planning care). There are deliberate cuts for NHS patients and poor pay and conditions for staff. NHS patients are denied care as billions of pounds are syphoned off to private companies, management consultants and accountants.

Today the same forces which created the NHS 75 years ago need to be mobilised to defend it. With 18 months to go to a General Election, an incoming Labour government will be under enormous pressure to maintain and make further concessions to powerful corporate interests.  

The Socialist Health Association has a vital role to play in forming Labour policy to rebuild the NHS as a public service which is publicly funded, publicly provided and planned for patients, not profits of corporations.

Our campaign to remove privatisation and marketisation from our healthcare system must continue!

If possible, please make a voluntary donation on our website to help with costs for the conference.

Please consider joining the Socialist Health Association and help our work for a Socialist, fully free, fully comprehensive, fully publicly funded, fully publicly provided, and fully publicly run national health and social care service of the highest standard, both preventative and curative and oppose the privatisation, outsourcing and private financing of any aspect of the national health and care service.

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