No MAS! No Military Air Shows at SeaFair

Start: Sunday, August 06, 202310:00 AM

2 Large banners held by 6 people saying "Mililtary Air Shows / Fuel Climate Crisis" and "Climate Action Now"

Come out on Sunday, too!!

The US Military is destructive to our climate even when it isn't using its weapons to directly destroy lives. It's the world's largest institutional emitter of greenhouse gases. And SeaFair is part of the problem.

When the military planes come to perform at SeaFair, it's to present a glamorous image of war while gratuitously burning over 12,000 gallons of fuel for each performance (and each rehearsal). So each of their performances/rehearsals impacts the environment equivalent to 2,900 cars driving more than 100 miles each, and that's on top of their transit and training flights. Of course, they also impact sensitive beings like people and pets with the frightful noise they produce.

Join us on Saturday and Sunday mornings, August 5 & 6, as we bring the message to Seafair attendees:


Veterans for Peace Seattle (VFP 92) and other organizations have long urged SeaFair to desist from presenting this military promotion. This year, we are bringing our banners to the event to tell the truth about this harmful activity and demand climate action in cooperation with VFP. We'll have signs for folks to display as the audience arrives and flyers to hand out as small groups of us spread into the audience to inform people about the impacts and our concerns.

Please come meet us, support the change we need, and help to get the information out about the impacts of these activities!

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