NYC Regional Training: Fight for 100% Renewable NY (with NY Renews!)

Start: October 13, 201810:00 AM

End: October 13, 2018 3:00 PM

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In NY, we have the opportunity to lead a transition to a 100% renewable energy economy that invests in communities and workers most impacted by climate change.

NY Renews is a coalition of more than 140+ groups across the state - community groups, labor unions, faith groups, environmental organizations, and more - fighting for that transition. Our landmark bill is the Climate & Community Protection Act, and we are working on a second bill that would create a massive investment of in jobs, climate protection, and our health by making big polluters pay for their damage.

Organizations and members from New York City, Westchester, the Hudson Valley, and the Capital District are invited to join our NYC Regional Training on October 13.

You'll walk away from this training with a concrete knowledge of what the NY Renews coalition stands for, what our policies represent, and how you can take action in your local community to build this movement and hold Governor Cuomo and our state legislature accountable to passing the most progressive climate legislation in the country in 2019.

All over New York, our coastal communities are threatened by sea-level rise, causing flooding and home damage; families are still recovering from the devastation of Superstorm Sandy; and our neighborhoods are overburdened with air pollution from fossil fuels, causing cancers and heart disease. With the Trump administration hell bent on rolling back needed protections, real climate action must come from New Yorkers like you.

Trainings, community building, and food will be provided. Together we will create a more just, resilient, and equitable future for all of us. Please email with any questions.


NY Renews es una coalición sin precedentes a nivel estatal de grupos de justicia ambiental y climática, organizaciones comunitarias y sindicatos laborales, grupos de fe y gente joven, quienes trabajan por políticas basadas en la equidad y la justicia para nuestras comunidades y nuestra gente trabajadora. Exijamos el 100% de energía limpia renovable, buenos trabajos, justicia y comunidades saludables.

Únase a nosotros para un día de capacitación y desarrollo de la comunidad con miembros de la ciudad de Nueva York, Westchester, Albany y Hudson Valley. Con este entrenmiento, vas a sentirte listo para hablar y construir un movimiento para estas políticas, y ganarán grandes victorias en 2019.

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