Pagans, Witches, Earth-Based Ceremony Salish Sea Day of Action

Start: Saturday, September 15, 201811:00 AM

End: Saturday, September 15, 2018 3:00 PM

---   RAIN OR SHINE!! There is a shelter at the beach in case of rain.   ---

Our Salish Sea is under assault.  Fossil fuel projects and accelerating human activity and development are contributing to pollution, climate change and ocean acidification.  On September 15th, please join us for a powerful Salish Sea Day of Action event.  

Join us for an inclusive, water blessing ceremony and drum circle. Bring your drums, flutes, didj, shakers, rattles, dancing feet and voices. If you don't have a rattle you can make one with rice or beans and a jar. Or bring an empty water bottle and fill it with pebbles on the beach. Children welcome!

Our circle will be raising healing energy generated from our steady rhythm and love for all creatures of the land and water. We will be sending that love back into the Salish Sea with a Spiral Dance and a stone toss.

Also, I am aware that some of you may have practices that include "dancing with your spirit animals". This is something that is done all over the world in many cultures, including Scandinavian, Celtic, Mexican, Japanese, Native American and more. If you would like to dance for/with the orca, the salmon, crawl with the crabs, fly with the eagles, caw with the crows, hop with the....hoppers-I-guess, you are very welcome to. (though not required!) It is a wonderful way to communicate your love and to come deeper into relationship with our nonhuman brothers and sisters. You can come with a mask or costume or do it without.

11:00AM - Set up.
11:30AM - Invocations and opening of sacred circle. Drumming, dance and song continue, without rest.
3:00 PM - Sending our love to the sea with a Spiral Dance

When you get there, look for a banner with a small Orca hanging from it. That is where we will be.

There are lots of ways to help out and many hands makes a powerful ceremony. Please contact the organizer to find out what our needs are.

Our local community is joining other communities around the bioregion to build broader awareness and advocacy around protection for our Sacred Sea and all living creatures. While the sea itself may separate us physically, we are uniting to face these growing threats together.  #WeAretheWater